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Writers' w/e 16 to18 July 2021

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

It exceeded all expectations! Glorious weather let us hold all sessions outside, as well as meals, walks, swims and everything else. We had limited numbers to 6 to comply with Covid-rules, but with such a lively bunch there were plenty of ideas, readings, feedback...


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Tom Midgley
Tom Midgley
Aug 11, 2021



Loved this writers weekend – really helpful feedback on our writing & an amazing guide on how to get a book up onto the Amazon self-publishing platform. I learned a lot - and the place is really a piece of heaven.


Aug 05, 2021

Fab weekend! There's something exceptional about this place. It brings out the best in people. Very relaxed with a varied and informal agenda. Everyone had brought something to contribute and I learned something valuable from each of them. Can't fault the food, facilities or the pool either! This is definitely going in my annual calendar! 🙂


🦋 This was fun and useful at the same time! We all arrived with heads half full of questions... and with the other half full of helpful tips to share. And there it was, a chance to read pages of my work-in-progress and get feedback. Then another session to share insights from one of the many online writer's courses I've followed, as well as my own experiences of Things That Work Well... and of course the inevitable "Things to avoid because they end in Disaster."

Other people introduced topics that I found very new (proving that you have to sign up for a lot of online courses to get all the best tips from each!)

And it was really hot…

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